Love as the Path – Term 2: Lesson 6 Week 12


Summing Up.



A message from Burgs…



Hello Everyone,

Well done for completing Term 2, this has been a very deep process and hope you have found that it has brought about healing and insight at a deep level. We have covered a lot of ground since we began this term and I hope you can feel how your practice has developed.

This week we will come back to the practice that we began the course with, all those weeks ago and leave our healing process to integrate over the coming break. So I want you to come back to the stillness and leave your process for now, it will work itself to a point of resolution as you are with whatever you have been going through over the coming months. After a period of deep inner work we always come back to the stillness and hopefully we find we can rest a little more deeply with things as they are.

I have shared a video summing things up so far and a meditation on Mountain Lake Sky to bring everything home. I hope you enjoy. Well done for your efforts and hard work, what you have done is deep work and will serve you for years to come.

With Metta,



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Giving this dana and making merit, is not about simply giving money. It is all about keeping your heart open and bright. So when you make your donation, do so with an open heart and delight in this giving. Take time to reflect on what you have learned and how the teachings have helped you. Delight in giving what it is within your means to give. It is the delight in giving that develops our paramis of Generosity and the knowledge that you are supporting this wheel of Dharma so that others may find benefit from these teachings as you have done.

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Lesson 6 Week 12 Meditation

Mountain Lake Sky



Love as the Path – Term 2: Lesson 6 Week 11


Access to healing through the unconscious




A message from Burgs…



Hello Everyone,

By now we should all be getting into a deep place with our healing. Our inner process should be flowing nicely and hopefully you are finding it fruitful.

This week we continue to deepen our journey and this is where we bring to bear all of the work we have done so far, bringing us to the culmination of this term. So I really encourage you to work as deeply as you can within what is appropriate.

I have shared a new meditation that aims to connect you to the energy that is buried in the unconscious mind that is normally beyond or at the threshold of our mindfulness. It is a lying down meditation and it steers us into a very deep state of consciousness where we can start to get access to layers of conditioning that we normally cannot get to,  even when we are meditating formally. I hope you enjoy this very special meditation. I have also shared a Part 2 of the video from last week which discusses further our healing journey.

I would suggest that you do this meditation a few times over the course fo the week and then go back to whatever practice draws you most, where you feel like there is more productive work to be done. I am not going to be prescriptive at this stage because everyone is at a different place in their practice, but also because by giving you accountability for your own healing process you become empowered to navigate these delicate areas with more confidence.

I hope you all are feeling the benefits of this work even if it is a little uncomfortable at times. Next week I will summarise and bring together all the threads we have covered so far, bringing us to the end of this term.

It’s been a very deep journey and a very good effort, so well done everyone!

With metta,


Lesson 6 Week 11 Meditation

Access to healing through the unconscious



Love as the Path – Term 2: Lesson 5 Week 10


Accessing the Ground for Deep Healing



A message from Burgs…



Hello Everyone,

I hope that with last weeks practice you have started to connect to your unconscious at a deeper level and that you have begun to get a sense of what energy you might be carrying and what has been conditioning you over the years that might have been unnoticed.

In this weeks video I discuss how we might develop our attitude towards the healing process so that we are able to start to be with whatever it is that is unstable within us in a way that will actually bring about its purification. It is a delicate process and we need to approach it with maturity and courage so that we become stable in our instability.

For this weeks meditation we continue our journey into the subtle body with a deeper look at the chakras. Until now we have directly felt the materiality of the subtle body and seen what energy is present in those areas. This meditation is more insight focussed and it steers you into a space that looks at what kind of ideas and attitudes we might have developed that block energy in these subtle structures. Hopefully by dismantling some of these ideas of self we may be able to release charge that is stuck and held in place clinging inherently within these ideas around ‘self’. I hope it is helpful.

The other key point is that if you have been following the course steadily from the beginning then you will probably find you are in as deep a place as you have ever been before, so we have to be responsive to our own process rather than being prescriptive. We can’t anticipate how the body will open up and it happens in stages and at this point becomes personal to each of us. So with this in mind  I would also suggest that you do the “Activating the Healing Response” meditation from last week a few times during this week, to keep the healing process active. And then if you do find you need to rest or need stillness go back to the Stillness practice at the beginning of Term 1, like I suggested last week. The point is, I want you to keep being with the energy that comes up as much as possible, entering into it with equanimity without getting exhausted, so this period until the end of the term is a fruitful as possible.

Keep going! It is hard work but by the end of this term I sincerely hope you all feel a little lighter having released and learned to be with energy that has been driving you for years.

Happy Meditating!

With metta, Burgs


Lesson 5 Week 10 Meditation

Activating the Chakras




Love as the Path – Term 2: Lesson 5 Week 9


Turning on the healing response




Hello Everyone,

I hope you enjoyed last weeks meditation and the lesson.

The meditations on the subtle body will become easier and clearer as our practice develops over the years, and in time it will start to inform you about the process of life in many unexpected ways and reveal some of the mysteries that lie beyond the physical appearance of things. It is extremely rewarding and I hope you feel encouraged to work at this level.

By now we should be starting to connect deeply to our inner journey. For many of you this may well be already putting you in front of energy that is uncomfortable or you that didn’t even know was there. Whatever energetic effects you may feel at this stage the guidance is always to be with it non-judgementally and without adding your analytical mind. When we try to add a story to the nakedness of our experience we are in effect adding a layer of attachment to it through the proliferation of the notions and ideas that “this is me”. Simply allow things to be without disturbing them with the mind and where possible without being disturbed by them. That is what equanimity truly is. Rest with the raw felt quality of your experience while you are meditating and after your meditation to let it go, both the experience and your ideas about it.

Please try to avoid the tendency to cling to your experiences and add then to your narrative of self. This is the opposite of letting go. We do this without trying to understand what has happened. Insight arrises naturally and gradually deepens without trying to fill in the story with the mind…Over years of practice we simply learn to see more deeply into the nature of our being. The process reveals itself in layers and with it a deepening understanding of the way healing at this profound level occurs. 

This week’s meditation seeks to more deeply engage the genuine healing process at the root level. This meditation should align you to the space where you can start to activate some kind of energetic response, even if it is just to become aware of what you have been feeling, that you didn’t realise you were feeling, and how that has conditioned you and made you ‘feel’ at a more holistic level within yourself.

And again, as I said last week, if nothing is happening then maybe investigate this area where you ask your self, ‘How willing am I to let go?’. What I would suggest is to do this meditation a few times over the course of the week and to also to go back to the chakra meditation as well to keep working through the energy in these places.

The thing that is so important with this kind of work is getting the balance right. We must learn to recognise what it is we actually need. We must be very clear about when we should not push ourselves. This can apply to both, whether we are genuinely tired and just need to rest, or the degree to which it is appropriate for us to bring up challenging energy in the context of our daily life. So if you find that you are just genuinely tired, give yourself as much rest as you need. Remember deep rest is our deepest healing! And in terms of how we should approach this kind of work in our daily life; this is a very personal thing and will vary from person to person. We can only do what is appropriate and there is a balance to be struck. As long as you are sure it is not an unwillingness to do then practice at the level which challenges you enough but does not derail everything!

The final point I want to make about all this is to remember that it all comes down to equanimity. We are working to develop genuine equanimity. This work is most fruitful when we are equanimous to what arises, tolerance or forbearance of the unpleasant alone, while important will not purify the mind at a deep level. I have shared a short discourse that looks at how we should approach the healing process and what attitude we should cultivate which I hope will help you engage with the process in a positive way.

I have also shared a chapter from the Flavour of Liberation Vol.3  to remind us of the real context within which we are practicing and to point you to the place where everything is OK, whatever arises. If you do find you need a rest then go back to the stillness meditations at the beginning of Term 1 to rest the system and so you can work from that place when returning to being with what arises in the body.

So, keep going. It is excellent that you are still here making effort. This work will serve you well at many many levels moving forward. It is significant when we start to reconnect to the deeper aspects of our mind and conditioning and hopefully in time we will release layers of energy that we have held on to and that have been working on us unconsciously for a very long time.

Well Done!

With Metta,



Reading to download

Transforming our Greatest Fear into Boundless Love [right click to save]



Lesson 5 Week 9 Meditation

Turning on the healing response



Lesson 5 Week 9 Discourse

Being stable with your instability



Additional discourse on Patreon

This week we have added a supplementary discourse for those of you who have access to the Patreon community.

Where does the life force that is our vitality actually come from?



Love as the Path – Term 2: Lesson 4 Week 8


The Chakras and base of the body. Spritual self care.



A message from Burgs…


Hello Everyone,

I hope you enjoyed last weeks lesson and feel like you have consolidated your meditation so far. We will now begin the deepening into our healing process which will develop over the rest of the course. So I really hope that you feel like you have a good basis and foundation for the deeper internal work to come.

One of the key things I want to mention is that the activating of the healing process may not happen automatically. We may well find that we do the meditations and at this stage not that much happens. If this is the case it is likely that we have not invited the process to begin deeply enough. Perhaps we have not even made the agreement with ourselves to work at this level yet.

So as we begin to activate the process I would like to encourage everyone to reflect on this and maybe explore at what level you are prepared to go into some of the uncomfortable places within you, and at what level you feel ready to challenge yourself to bring about healing at a deeper level. Maybe ask yourself the question, “At what level am I prepared to let go? Where am I afraid to let go. What is that fear rooted in. How might I open more deeply?” While meeting our fears is very much part of the process of healing and awakening we have to do it at a pace that we feel comfortable with.  I would like you to reflect on the degree to which you are prepared to feel unstable and find the courage to enter into these practices so they can bring about real healing at a profound level. Gradually through this process of entering into what we previously would have turned away from, we find the trust to let go a little deeper each time and through that process come to start to understand what letting go really means.

So we will begin by meditating in the chakras and the base of the body, and over the coming weeks we will work to initiate the healing process whilst learning to meditate in the subtle body more thoroughly. I have also shared a brief discourse giving you some pointers on how to approach your inner work and some pointers as to the way in which we can set up the correct attitude to this practice. I have also shared the second video exploring Spiritual Self-Care as it links into our healing process and I feel will be helpful in the context of the coming lessons.

So keep going, we have an opportunity to work deeply now, having prepared the ground thoroughly over the first part of the year. Well done for sticking at it!

With Metta, Burgs



Lesson 4 Week 8 Meditation

Chakras and base of the body



Lesson 4 Week 8 Discourse

Engaging with your inner process



Love as the Path – Term 2: Lesson 4 Week 7


The Benefits of Body Parts Meditation. The Subtle Body and the Fine Material Realm Part 2.



A message from Burgs…


Hello Everyone,

I hope you have enjoyed the last couple of meditations on the respiratory and digestive systems. Hopefully we have become aware of some of the various charges we may have been carrying and perhaps even see how these are conditioning us all the time without us necessarily realising.

This weeks meditation is a consolidation of the meditations we have learnt so far in one complete practice and it finishes with a very short section where I start to introduce us to the direct experience of our energy. This will lead in nicely to beginning our exploration of the chakra’s next week as we begin our investigation into the subtle body.

The video continues where the previous one left off, and discusses the fine material realm. The direct perception of this will take many years to develop, but it will reveal itself gradually if we keep up our practice. I have also shared a short discourse on why these meditation are so beneficial.

Hope you you enjoy and Happy Meditating!


Lesson 4 Week 7 Meditation

Bones, fascia, muscles, respiratory and digestive systems, and energy field



Lesson 4 Week 7 Discourse

Benefits of body parts meditation



Love as the Path – Term 2: Lesson 3 Week 6


The Digestive System




Hello everyone,

I hope the meditation in the lungs started to connect you more subtly to the body, and perhaps you started to notice feeling tones in the background of your experience that you have not noticed before. This week we have a new meditation on the digestive system.

As I am aware that I have shared a lot of new material over the past few weeks I am not going to post a new discourse this week or part two of last weeks video. This is so that everyone has a chance to consolidate what they have already learnt and give anyone who has fallen behind the chance to catch up. For those that want further clarification on the subject of mechanisms behind the healing process I have shared a chapter from the Flavour of Liberation: Ch. 29 The Conscious and Unconscious Mind and the Fruiting of Kamma.

This chapter looks in detail at the way in which we clear the conditioning from the unconscious mind to release the charge that we are carrying. It is quite a technical chapter so don’t worry to much about the technical terms. Hopefully it will help to give deeper understanding of the healing process.

Next week I will share part two of the video as it will correspond nicely to our next set of meditations as we start to explore the subtle body!

Other than that, I heartily encourage you to keep up your efforts. All this hard work will pay dividends further down the line.

Happy meditating and metta


Lesson 3 Week 6 Meditation

Digestive System



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Love as the Path – Term 2: Lesson 3 Week 5


The Subtle Body and the Fine Material Realm. The Respiratory System.



A message from Burgs…


Hello Everyone,

I hope you have enjoyed meditating deeply in the most substantial aspects of your physical being; the bones, muscles and fascia. I hope this has helped ground you more deeply in the physical body and allowed your mind to become more concentrated and stable through these practices. Hopefully you have started to feel more rooted in your body as some level.

We move on now to a more subtle meditation on the respiratory system. These structures are more delicate and require a further refinement of the quality of our meditation to be able concentrate on them. As we develop our meditation on the respiratory system we may well start to feel more clearly how we are feeling at a subtle level. This is why in this weeks video I want to start to introduce you to the subtle energetic body and the fine material realm. This is a very important subject and making the transition beyond our ordinary gross physical perception to where we start to be able to discern and perceive these subtle fields opens the door to finally understand how and why life functions the way it does. Without this depth of understanding so much of life remains a mystery to us. Although it might take patience and persistence to establish competence in this arena learning to access the subtle realms elevates our meditation to a whole new level of depth and profundity.

Our perception of these aspects of our being will develop gradually and in stages over a long period of time. I will not say too much about this here as I will cover it thoroughly in coming videos and because the opening up of our subtle perception is a truly experiential process. Our ability to perceive these structures as well as start to see why we feel like we do functions beyond the realm of ideas so let the practice reveal itself to you as you continue to put forth diligent effort. Coming to perceive the subtle and see into the mechanisms of life  is one of the most rewarding things that comes from developing these body parts meditations so thoroughly.

I have also shared a short discourse that begins to introduce the way in which how we feel conditions our reactions to our experience to start to look at how it is that we come to feel what we feel, this is absolutely key to unlocking our understanding of how the healing process actually works.

I hope you enjoy and happy meditating!



Lesson 3 Week 5 Meditation

Respiratory System


Lesson 3 Week 5 Discourse

How our Mind accumulates conditioning



Love as the Path – Term 2: Lesson 2 Week 4


More on Direct Perception. The Flesh and Muscles.



A message from Burgs…


Hello Everyone,

I hope you are enjoying the meditation on the flesh, fascias and muscles and are starting to see the relationship between tension in the mind and tension in the body.

As we start to explore this more deeply, we can use the meditations to very quickly release tension that we might have accumulated throughout the daily life. It also develops the insight that sees how much the quality of our mind effects the body which feeds back to prompt us to generate more wholesome states of mind, so that we feel better within ourselves.

This weeks video continues the explanation of direct perception which I hope is serving to clarify this subject in detail.

I have also given you a new meditation to further develop this meditation on the flesh and muscles.

I whole heartedly encourage you to continue your efforts meditating in the body at this level, as it brings great benefits at so many levels. I hope this will become evident as we further progress through this series of lessons.

With Metta and Happy Meditating!



Lesson 2 Week 4 Meditation

Flesh and Muscles



Love as the Path – Term 2: Lesson 2 Week 3


Introducing Direct Perception. Moving on from the bones.



A message from Burgs…


Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying your meditation in the body so far.

This week we will move on and begin to meditate in the soft tissues around the bones. We will learn to meditate in the fascia that connect the muscles to the bones as well as the muscles. Many of us will hold significant amounts of tension in the fascia and this will start the process of releasing some of this tension.

I am hoping that through this meditation, the link between the way the mind grips its experience and the how we accumulate tension in the body will begin to reveal itself. I hope too that as we release some of this tension, that you might start to feel a little lighter.

As promised, the subject of the video this week is to address and clarify any confusion around the mechanism of direct perception. The aim is  to really ground your understanding so that you can set up your attention so that you meditate from awareness. This is a subtle subject and direct perception matures the more you develop it. It is so worth working at because it unlocks the door to deeper meditation. I won’t say to much here as it is covered in the video.

The discourse links in with this subject and discusses how excessive thinking overtime leads to a loss of our capacity to feel deeply.

This is a very important lesson so I encourage you keep working at it; don’t worry if it takes time to develop. The correct way of attention is one of the most important aspects of meditation to get right from the start.

I hope you enjoy the meditation

Happy Meditating!


Lesson 2 Week 3 Meditation

Bones, Facias and Muscles



Lesson 2 Week 3 Discourse

The loss of feeling and perception faculty at the expense of thinking

A few clarifying notes on the discourse –
During the discourse, at 13mins19secs, Burgs picks up a mobile phone.
And at 18mins40secs Burgs points to his heart.