Course: The Art of Meditation The Art of Living Monthly

A variety of meditation practices will be used during this course. Systematically working through the core meditations that Burgs teaches on retreat, which includes guided meditations on the breath, the body, loving kindness, and also what Burgs calls ‘Stillness’ meditation.

The course also introduces in detail ways in which we can support our meditation practice by living in accordance with these meditation teachings, which will allow for making progress with your meditation. Insight is also given to various major aspects of our lives, such as death and relationships amongst other topics.

£37.50 / month for 8 months

An exciting new course for 2017 offering a deeper look at the potential of how meditation can be of benefit to you in your daily life. Incorporated into this will be various teachings on how to approach some of the more important events that we will experience in our life, and a deeper look at how we can come to a more positive attitude in the way in which we approach our daily living.

This course is designed to help you systematically build a deep and stable home meditation practice. It investigates how to develop concentration, mindfulness and serenity / mental calm, before going onto investigate how we can use meditation to dig out and release the negative habit patterns of the mind and bad reactions in the memory. It also looks at what changes in attitudes we might adopt and also the changes in the way we might approach major events in our life based upon the insight we develop through meditative practice.