Course: September 2017 Post Retreat

This package is specifically for those who attended the September 2017 7day retreat at Buckland Hall.

Suggested donation: £25.00

Suggested donation: £25.00

Minimum amount: £15.00

The following course has been designed to provide home support for those who attended the September 2017 retreat.

The package contains the basic guidelines that are standard to all our instructional online courses:

  1. A few basic tips on setting up your home space to meditate.
  2. A short chi kung video going through the process of waking up the body.

It will also include specific content from the retreat:

  1. A selection of three or four edited discourses from the retreat for you to connect back to the teachings. These can be listened to online.
  2. A selection of three or four guided meditations from the retreat which can be downloaded for your use.