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    Magnetism, Resonance and Discordance. Are we in Tune With Our Partner?

    [See the full post at: Journey Shared – Lesson 3: Magnetism, Resonance and Discordance. Are we in Tune With Our Partner?]

    Claire Wilkins

    I am seeing that these lessons are causing me to examine myself /look at ways in which I can change certain aspects of myself. They are also bringing me to the space of experiencing love towards and with all people and not just one individual. Perhaps I no longer need/desire to be in a relationship but can live more freely and fully without one.


    Thank you Claire, i can relate closely to your statement. I joined the course as a 20 year relationship ended, and whilst i had a clear feeling of wanting to embrace this as a way of processing what has happened, i also had a child-like fear that i would not be qualified to participate!? My wish is to bring a bit of truthful light to bear on my relationships with other people in general, which may help me to understand the somewhat strange choices i have made in particular. i am obviously going through a deep re-evaluation of the life process i find myself in, and feel like a child in adult clothes, demonstrating ignorance, perhaps more so than a child would, and wielding adult resources i perhaps should not be permitted to be in charge of, let alone use.

    I would like to take this opportunity to highlight a statement in lesson 3, and possibly request some clarification:

    ‘Shared experiences within this life AND PAST LIVES create soul connection.’

    I have questions too numerous to list here, so would welcome anything further anyone might have to say on this subject! My sense is that my significant adult relationships have been driven from deep within my being, from way beyond my understanding, and possibly from beyond my life as i understand it. The lessons i am trying to learn feel like they could relate to the bit of me that wasn’t a blank page when i popped out and started thrashing about. I would welcome any thoughts…


    I think at this stage we should leave that statement as it is for each of you to take on at your own level. Surfice to say Peter that you have hinted at what I am alluding too…that we dont arrive here as a blank page and carry with us much charge around experiences in our distant and forgotten past. Of course it goes without sayinfg that impressions from pasat but fogotten relatiosnhips will be conditioning us at unconscious levels in this life.

    And beyond that there is of course the possibility that at times we might even reconnect wth those we have journeyed with in previous lives. Karma works its way through every aspect of our lives. I would hasten to add of course that we should be cautious about making any assumptions about past connections with those we meet in this life. It is very hard ot verify or confirm and loading any relationship with pre concieved ideas will always be a burden to its spontaneous unfolding in the present.


    Thank you Burgs for the lessons so far. My partner is not on the course with me but it is leading me to understand so much about myself and relationships in general that I had never considered before now. For lesson 3, it brought up the question of what are relationships ‘really’ for (apart from the obvious keeping the human population turning over) etc? Although there’s been no conscious intention to try to ‘change’ my partner, it is definitely a case for me of knowing the magnetism / resonance differences are very important ones. To distinguish between them and see if I am able to find a balance with them, I have found really interesting. This lesson has brought up some relief in a way to know these differences, many thanks.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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