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    COURSE: Journey Shared Lesson 2 The stages of relationship part one. The decision to stay: Making the transition from falling in love to building a pa
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    Hello everyone, I would love it if we could share some tips with each other about how to work on companionship and/or to ignite more passion in a relationship. It’s of course personal within every relationship, but there will also be ideas that work for more couples. One thing that I know will be helpful in my relationship is to make rules around “work free / no computer” times, so we don’t loose ourselves too much in our own worlds when we are together. To make more effort to “be” together without distractions. As a start. What about you all?


    Thanks for the comment Satya. Further to that, I was thinking that there is an exercise that only takes a couple of minutes but makes a huge difference. Look into each others eyes, you can talk or not, you can touch or not, but visual contact is chronically lacking from life; deliberately doing it is reassuring and engaging on a deep unconscious level.


    Interesting! Thank you for sharing this exercise.


    Hi everyone. thank you for your comments. This question of passion, might also perhaps be added to by exploring what actually is the nature of intimacy and how do we relate to it and find it within our relationships. We will be looking in more depth at passion, connection and intimacy in coming lessons.
    I most certainly agree that “device time.” maintians the period of separateness and undermines the feeling of “togetherness” .Being ‘absent’ while around each other certainly doesnt harbour intimacy.
    One important thing about intimacy is that it requires us to feel in resonance with the person who is close to us. it is easy to get out of tune with each other, and once we do we actually do not feel comfortable just being in each others space. this often leads to a wall coming up that further re inforces the separateness.
    Resonacne can come about by simply relaxing in each others space. You cannot force yoyurselves to feel attracted to each other when your energy is repelling or not attracting…but once you have come back into tune the attractive pull will be greater….so before looking to re ignite passion, perhaps look at ways of simply allowing your energy to realign and become resonant. How to do this? well explore for yourselves. One good way to realign is to be present in each others space while distracted from the energy that repels ( maybe an argument or a disagreement). sitting or lying on the sofa together whatching a movie that doesnt require you to communicate verbally can bring your energy closer into resonance…one thing that consistantly creates a lack of feeling attracted is agruing about silly things that you dont agree about…if this happnes, ask yourself ‘Why do we even need to care that we dont agree.”
    let each other be…it will bring you much more into alignment than trying to bend each otehr to your point of view.”
    anyway…we will look much more at how we can enhance the atractive pull towards each other in our coming lessons


    By the way everyone, we are about to open the male a female group forum. you might find this a good place to share your ‘personal tips’ it will be launched with the next lesson in a weeks time.


    Autumn, thank you for your heartfelt and heart received honesty . What you referred to at one point as a “what a jumble” was to my ears a great sense of connection and frankly brilliantly clear communication.
    Thank you also Burgs, a path towards better understanding for me to take on board as someone who has been trying to get this stuff ‘right’ for half a lifetime.

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