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    Our Desire To Be With Another

    Lucy Tucker

    Hello Ben, I am connected and can access the course description. Not sure about the interactive bit. Not sure if I have missed an assignment. I see text but there is no specified exercise or essay… ? Do the “chats” happen elsewhere?


    Good evening,
    thank you for setting the course.

    Hanne and me have a weekend planned the 3rd/4th of November so we won’t be able to make it that weekend. We are interested in coming over for the weekends though.
    warm regards – Wim

    Lucy Tucker

    Hello Wim and Hanne and Ben, I can make 3 and 4 November if I know in advance enough where it is. But, I eed to be back in Brussels late Nove 4th to work early November 5th. If the dates are not set in stone, could we advance them into the week? I have the entire week free before that weekend. Of course, I understand weekends are better in principle for everyone. Just an idea. Namaste, Lucy


    Hello to all, sadly Raj and I are teaching 3/4th November so we won’t be able to make that weekend. Bye for now, Nicky


    Hi all. Sadly cannot attend 3rd November but look forward to January meet up x

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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