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Hi Burgs, I really enjoyed this talk and I felt that we have a lot of material to think about already so it is good to take a breather. I found it very soothing to hear that it is enough just to be here and that anything more is a gift – however!!! I am struggling with something similar to what Sara mentioned last week. I was brought up to put others first and consider myself to be kind and generous. Yet I feel particularly in the last few years that this makes it easy for people to take advantage of me. This keeps happening over and over in personal relationships. In the last one which only lasted 7 weeks it was a totally unequal exchange of energy I feel – I gave hospitality, my time, my body and my money. This has been happening for a couple of years. So how do I navigate relationships with this instruction on generosity and kindness? I understand that it is not the purpose of giving to expect something back but when you don’t get anything back – how can that be ok? Alot of people say that you choose certain people because you don’t really want comitment or you need to be in control so you choose people who are not together subconsciously but it seems a little trite. Sorry to rant but it is raw – how does one continue to be kind and generous without attract people who want a free ride?