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christie Butterick

Hi everyone – so good to be a part of a wider community and sharing our common hurdles with this Dhamma …
My reflections with ‘generosity’ have been mixed, as I am aware I have insecurity/fear with money, and I attribute this in part, to growing up within a family where money was scarce, (or perhaps it goes further back, with karmic ties)? – Also, as I get older I have to keep a check on the insecurity of not being able to work and the implications of this …. which is silly, as we all have these same non-securities these days; I give where I can, but is it enough?
What I can identify with more readily is ‘kindness’ , the random and spontaneous acts, and the giving of my time, which I freely do without question usually, to the point where I can over extend myself and have to rein it in, (though I am better with this these days) …. So, thank you Burgs for reminding us of the wideness of Generosity and kindness, and how we can look to improve this in our character. – Re the insecurities, I remind myself of the ‘good luck bad luck’ story, and that helps. Thank you.