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Daniela. Your question relates to the subject of the dedication of merit. We will look at this in a few weeks time. But to answer briefly here, yes, we can dedicate the merit of our wholesome karma accumulated in this life to a future aspiration that we might be working towards. A classic example of this is Buddhist cultures, is for people to dedicate the merits of this life towards their aspiration to meet with a future Buddha from whom to learn Dhamma in the future.

And Sara. A dana day for yourself sounds a wonderful idea, if you tend not to honour your own personal needs enough. It is all too easy to find ourselves giving to others without taking care of ourselves…One who is prone to self indulgence of course would be better advised to dedicate their “Dana Day” to others of course. Sometimes of course we find ourselves having to fulfil responsibilities and duties towards others ( children and family for example) that may often go un appreciated. But even this is an opportunity for us to find equanimity so that we can fulfil our responsibilities with good grace and not fall into resentment, which always shrinks the heart.