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Thanks Burgs – I love the idea of a Dana day. It’s going in the calendar 🙂

Generosity seems quite straight forward when I think of it lightly but the more I’ve reflected on it, the less simple my relationship with it seems to be.

Towards most others, it feels like a simple reflex and has been since a childhood. It seems quite straight-forward, clean and happy. However, there are a few that I stopped being that way towards in recent years as I’ve noticed that they take advantage of it, expect me to be generous almost and use it so as not to take responsibility for themselves. It tends to be people that I have more of a long term intimate relationship with. I then noticed that it felt more of a duty to be like that than a joy. However, it doesn’t feel natural to be like that for me, it feels like it’s hardening and shrinking things and my heart sings to see people happy too! I’m not sure of the best foot forward in these cases.

Also, I have the opposite reflex when it comes to myself in most instances apart from when greed or sloth take over, then I can be very ‘generous’ towards myself but I know that’s confused generosity 🙂

All in all it seems a bit unbalanced so I am going to practice being more generous to myself in thoughts and actions throughout the month and have a special dana day too for others. What do you reckon? Any insight on it all would be most welcome.