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Gail Minter

The older I get – 62 now – the more I realise how very fortunate is my life – all those conditions are there. When I was younger I took it for granted.
Re personality c.f character : at times I can feel when I am “using” my personality – it is as though there is something extra added that does not need to be. I had a thought re how both the pesonality and the character are both conditioned and so I have a choice as to which I am going to cultivate – supporting the insecurities of the personality or the wholesome qualities of the character.
The paramis that spoke to me were energy particularly. I recognise how I have trained my mind in scattering – keeping tabs on too many things at once. So when I meditate I find I have too wide a focus and still have that awareness of more than just the object of my practice. I feel this training in focus will require energy and determination and renunciation – letting go of anything extra and simplifying more and more.