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That was a really interesting exercise – thanks!

I’ve never charted me in relation to them all together before and looked at them as a set. By doing that it was easier to see how deeply connected with each other they seem to be.

‘Renunciation / willingness to let go’ of the idea of myself and ‘Honesty/ truthfulness’ about myself seem to be related to all the areas that I am not living life to the fullest and that I am not able as yet to be equanimous with. Pride (both in favour of and in detriment to myself) and a sense of being separate feel like they generate these ideas and blind spots.

I can see therefore how my personality or the persona I’ve developed for the world to see hopes to make good these areas by pretending they don’t exist and covers those that do with a socially acceptable gloss.

It seems both ridiculous and worthy of deep compassion at the same time 🙂