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The subject of Karma is something we will deal with in depth later in the course. For now I will say that we do not define Karma as bad or good but according to its root, as wholesome ( rooted in wholesome volition and leading to pleasant effects) and unwholesome ( rooted in unwholesome volition and leading to unpleasant effects). Karma is an expression of Dependent Origination. ( the law of cause and effect) If we wish to sow bitter seeds that is as we wish, but we come gradually to see that bitter seeds do not ever bring sweet fruits. If we have a taste for bitter fruit ( as many do ) then of course we will continue to sow the seeds for future suffering. It is not that we would go out to produce unwholesome karma simply for the purposes of later teaching ourselves a lesson, but that when we do meet misfortune, we understand the ground for its appearance and accept it as a lesson and invitation to evolve by finding a quality of acceptance which previously we may have lacked.