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Hi everyone. I hope you are enjoying getting set up with the course.
This weeks exercise is really designed to help us individually recognise the ideas and expectations we may bring to our relatiosnhips from the beginnning
But for all of you who are already in long term relationships perhaps the most significant part of the lesson is the reflection on how our attitudes, desires and needs may have changed over the time we have been with our partner.
One of the challenges any long term relationship will face is transforming and adjusting around shared values, needs and expecations as they change. The obvious one here is the likely fact that sexual chemistry may initally be one of the stronger magnetising factors in the early stages, but may not always be be so. (We will explore sexual chemistry and how it can be nurtured in a later part of the course). Allowing this to change and be replaced by other areas of connection is important to the evolution of a relationship. Another area, which we will look at later on, is how do we allow the differences in our personal needs to be accommodated and embraced within the context of our relatiosnhip?
This leads on to many other areas of exploration of course, like the level of of independence we each require and maintian and how our needs for independence may be different and may change over time. I just throw these few ideas out there for you to consider. do feel free to share comments and even to start new threads in the genreal or the male or female forums.