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In the end, for me, it is not a choice. Or it’s a choiceless choice. Although a part of me is still driven, I watch it, and see that it is slowly dying within me. There will come a point at which it doesn’t draw me from the path any more. Yesterday morning, before sun up, before my long work day began, I stood in the garden, the bushes and trees ghostly in the mist. Nature’s silence called to me in such a powerful way and I drank it in with gratitude. Come away, it said, come away, oh human child… After years of just getting by, life is finally going to let me stop for a while. What a gift. When my current contract ends – now unexpectedly brought forward by two months – another gift, I am preparing my campervan and then seeking that place where consciousness dwells. For no reason I feel it might be in the East of England! Burgs, when I asked where I might go to decompress and meditate, mentioned a meditation centre in Southern Spain, but really for me the closest place is the line of least resistance, and I’m on my knees, ready to surrender, and trust what comes. Trust – that lesson stares me in the face. Just Trust. The universe has shown me so often how it watches my back, and yet still, it’s so easy to forget to trust. Everyone around me is so fearful. But that’s nothing new. I have no idea what’s coming next.