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Back in September I attended the 7 day meditation retreat in Wales. By the end it was very clear to me that I needed to let go of my ego completely to be less burdened (and less of a burden) in life! As a yoga teacher much of my practice I do at home in my own space and even there my ego bubbles away quietly as I practice concentration towards meditation. However it really comes up to bite me more recently since I started attending regular classes at a new studio. I guess this is the most challenging place for me to practice that letting go, as a teacher in a group yoga class! So I find it helps to make this intention at the start of every class – to let go the ego. As long as. Make myself the centre of the Universe, the Universe is a very tiny place. All my good intentions towards the Earth and other beings seem hollow in the face of the fact that at times I’m doing this to make myself ‘feel better’ as a person, or feel like a better person. I won’t stop doing it, but I will keep intending the letting go.