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* to use an analogy about the state of the human race.. We are a cat that has been kept inside all its life.. we are addicted to our soft sofa to curl up on and our processed cat food. But really that is a poor substitute for our real yearnings.. We don’t realise that our deeper selves wants to explore the forests and hunt for mice ..explore nature and roll in the grass. We have essentially had our true identity conditioned out of us. We need to remember what really makes us feel alive, instead of accepting poor substitutes from our ‘owners’ who want us in the house so we are easier to control.. and then be happy to eat the bland cat food..etc..

This is an interesting documentary:

I found this documentary by Dr Stephen Greer very insightful into opening more awareness of what is hidden from us (governmental bodies etc disclose very little and we need to start really thinking for ourselves). Let’s wake up! We can make a change if we stay courageous and don’t get pulled back into this twilight world of deception. Governmental documents have been uncovered that refer to people as ‘useless eaters’ ..! We can prove that we are not sheep .. if we tear ourselves away from familiarity and comfort .. we Need to grow up and face this.. A shaman told me ‘We are the ones we have been waiting for’. Our souls are the strongest of the strong .. we were chosen from our soul groups for this period of time to come and participate in this period of earth change .. and the more we step into our power and start taking small actions to create positive change the more we will feel aligned with our higher selves .. And this will be a snowball effect ..the momentum is building and more and more people are beginning to wake up..