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This resonated with me greatly. Thanks Burgs. Also insightful comments above from others. I had watched before the flood several months ago and have been getting all my friends to watch it.. It is a good reality check.. it seems there are lots of rich and powerful people who do not want the current course of our coroporate driven world to start healing.. but the masses are more powerful if we have faith and courage and start the changes ourselves and demand a better approach to living on this planet. So many humans have become so arrogant ..but it’s so important to focus on the work the more awakened individuals can do instead getting upset. It’s hard though as the complacency amongst so many people can be very disconcerting. I currently live in Singapore, which is an example of rampant materialism. I feel this sense of foreboding and background anxiety which has been growing in the past year with increasing work put in to raising my consciousness. My feeling is that in such energetically dense / ego based environments people tend to slip into further unconsciousness and then drink alcohol to escape the pain of disconnection .. and it becomes a viscious cycle. Then if you live in such a place and are trying to rise above this, it feels very painful to be too aware.. Catch 22! We are at a stage where the urge to leave is very strong and we are leaving next year to try and get closer to nature and a simpler life. The problem is that most people feel they don’t have other choices .. they are on the tread mills because they are ‘paying the bills’ for their children’s school fees or whatever it may be and like the ease of certain lifestyles. But as Burgs said the irony is that at this rate there won’t be an earth to send your children to school on if the greed continues.. so we have to start being reasonable about the sharing of the resources we have … I fear that people won’t change though, and the earth will reduce the population in its own way .. We need to start making changes now (everyone of us ) before it comes to that.. when you think about it humans have turned into petulant children .. and we think we’re happy but most people are dead behind the eye in the shallow society we have created..and they don’t realise they would be much happier with a simpler life and more connection .. instead of material possessions to fill the GAP of emptiness many feel. I was in an uber yesterday..the singaporean driver who had five children and trying to hold down three jobs to Get a very expensive city, said to me he had thought about suicide a lot as he was just so exhausted, but was carrying on because of his children. Years ago he had been making lots of money in one job.. but as is happening with many people their jobs are not bringing as much cash as before and the economy is cracking with many people losing jobs in Singapore .. And this is a slap in the face to change.. our system can’t support ever increasing economic growth in fossil fuel burning world .. economic collapse is a sign to create a New system. What kind of life have we created in our urban environments ? Overpopulation with ever growing desires and apparent ‘needs’ are driving ourselves and The earth into destruction.. and the material things and is not cutting it anymore .. you can only cover the pain with comfort and luxury up to a certain point and then the pain rears its head with greater vengeance ..demanding more and more consumption to distract from the real issue.. that we have lost contact with our truth, our soul and spiritual connection to each other and the land.