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Katie St George

This is Burgs posting from Katies account.

I want to give you all some heart…we are not just working to retain our human consciousness but to reconnect and restore our divine connection to what lies beyond. It is sometimes helpful, once we reach that point fo feeling ready to step away from the ordinary fixation with the human worldy attachments to remember that there is a part of us that is divine and longs to return home. So instead of fearing the space that opens up when we start to let go out worldly attachments, perhaps start to open your heart to the whole notion of our return journey ..this is something that gradually reconnects us to what is sacred and pure within us. This becomes our refuge and we let our worldly concerns fall away. There is much delight to be had in even just the reflection upon this. Remember we wont be taking any of this with us anyway.

hpe to see you on Thursday.