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What a lot to think about!

I have watched Before the Flood and Burgs’ video. The effects of these messages can be rather overwhelming and it is a challenge turning them into something one can actually do as an individual. the messages I took from it were avoid fossil fuels, manufactured food, in fact manufactured anything, palm oil, beef and dairy. And trying to build awareness – politicians eventually have to take notice of public awareness. And we all have to consume less – but what does that actually mean in everyday terms?

The other theme this week is the different needs of people who come to Burgs for teachings. I think most people start out looking for something that will make their existing lives easier, and gradually transition to wanting to pursue a connection and a path out of suffering. Perhaps it is that transition from one to the other that is getting harder and fewer people will make it? Once you do make it, for me it is all about renunciation which is after all one of the Paramis. it is definitely not easy. the choices I am contemplating at the moment are a move to living a more secluded life, which mans moving out of the village into the countryside and seeing friends less often, because that involves the sort of social occasions I don’t enjoy much any more but am finding it hard to withdraw from.