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This is very moving. Thank you. I just sometimes don’t understand why this information constantly seems to be hidden from us in the world? It seems to get buried in the distractions of this matrix we exist in.. And the distractions are coming at us ever more aggressively! I suppose the choices we are making have even more weight, as the temptations to sink into unconsciousness are ever greater. Is the difficulty in coming across teachers / spiritual information because of our karma too? I spent so many years reading spiritual literature from a young age until I found actual people / teachers to help guide me further.. It is so easy for people to give up when there seem to be few ‘conscious’ people to give you reassurance and courage. Even though the internet has it’s pitfalls, I have also found it important to access spiritual support and info; invaluable to form such online communities when so many people around us in everyday life seem to reject these ideas in favour of materialism and I feel dragged down to doubting myself sometimes around such constant bombardment ..which I find quite tiring..
Also, Do you have thoughts on Miranda’s question. I also observe this with people.. and interested to understand how if one has accumulated much insight and merit in previous lives, it doesn’t necessarily mean you stay aware / on the right path in the next life? I imagine this is complicated, as I suppose it depends on so many factors such as the luck of having spiritual guidance can align you to follow a spiritual path ..even if the physical world is comfortable for you and doesn’t yet push you to search outside it. Is it almost harder to remain mindful when you are privileged because the pleasure in the sensory world encourages one to fall into complacency and pride when in this dream like bubble? I have personally found that emotional pain and a sense of dissatisfaction with chasing egoic based achievements has been an incentive to dig deeper. That sense of emptiness and sadness when looking at the world from a secular point of view..however much material privilege we have been granted. In that way, a certain amount of internal pain can be a useful trigger to awakening .. and give you greater empathy and urgency to then help guide others away from suffering.. And be more present and conscious.. and ultimately beyond unconscious patterns and beyond karma.
I found this useful too.. A discourse by Eckhart Tolle: