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I find myself really relating to this discourse. I don’t quite understand what it is that brings us back into these muddles of day to day life. It’s like being on retreat is a whole different world to the reality of what we are presented with on a day to day basis. It’s hard to pull ourselves away from it and enter into the things you are discussing because it’s such a strong current. What can we possibly do when daily we are pulled by this current? I just get so overwhelmed and end up giving in. I’m tired of following this current though but I also know I have to live in this world but I’m beginning to see it as such a disheartening place. Especially being in America and watching the presedential debates etc. I try and volunteer my time with an older woman but she spends most of our time together complaining or reminiscing about what never was. It doesn’t exactly make me feel good to volunteer with someone who gossips as much as this woman does. Sometimes I feel like I’m stuck in this prison of my own sansara and I’m still young-ish but I find a lot of things already making a strong pattern in my life. I guess I just have to be okay with whatever comes to fruition but sometimes I just feel like I’m hitting a brick wall. Then I sit down to meditate and feel positively exhausted. I would like to just be able to say enough is enough and let go but I came off of social media a few days ago because I no longer want to follow that stream so I guess that’s a start. Thank you burgs