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‘the moment you actually have the capacity to understand what’s going on, you have the capacity to consume it.’ (-6.49). I was thinking about the cult of Abraham Hicks, a massively successful woman (Esther Hicks) who channels ‘a group of beings’ (collectively named Abraham) who tell us we can have our desires, as long as we believe. It’s based on the so-called ‘law of attraction.’ That as long as you live in joyful appreciation of the things you already have, even more will be magnetically drawn towards you.
Another wildly successful book ‘The Secret’ says much the same thing. But both these teachings are focused more on material attainment than spiritual responsiblity. The above quote fromj the discourse helps me to understand that movement, and see why it is so problematic. Many people (including me at one time) come to the ‘law of attraction’ teachings as a way out of suffering.
Thank you Burgs, for all you do.