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Hi everyone. This is Burgs posting as Hugo while unable to access through my computer…

Thank you everyone for approaching this challenging topic. I feel almost it is too much to address simply through the forum and that a discussion on this topic would be helpful.
Firstly though, Korinna, with regards to approaching the subject of death with your parents. Try to start only by breaking down your own resistance to entering this space with your parents. The hardest part is to get the ball rolling. Once you have opened discussion yo may well find they are very grateful to be able to start addressing the subject.

You could perhaps start by taking it to them. Maybe ask for their thoughts on it. Perhaps something like. ” I read a reflection that the Buddha made, which although obvious really unsettled me, and that is that all of us will one day be separated from everything that is dear to me. It made me realise that one day I will lose both of you.and that one day my own life would come to an end. What do you think about this? Do you ever think about this. The Buddha suggested that by coming to terms with this truth while we are still alive helps us make peace with life itself and so live more fully and fearlessly.

Shasha. You questions are complex, and the kind of reflection that many will make. In truth it is only as our insight matures that we truly resolve out the various conflicts and conundrums we feel when reflecting upon how life ends up the way it is.
it may well be that next week’s discourse might shed some light on this. I hope you got some more insight into this on the retreat.