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Dear Burgs, for me this new topic links to the previous one that still keeps me busy, accompanying others on their dying process. Thank god my parents are not yet there but it is a big thing for me, above all as I know that the way you face death is having a huge impact on your karma. Now before starting to work on my own ability, if it is ok for you, I still have a question referring to the previous topic: my parents do not want to talk about death at all and it is very hard for me, too, to talk about it. My question is, should I wait until it is really starting to happen to them or would you suggest that I step out of my comfort zone and start talking with them about the process of dying although they are not yet ready to do it? And by the way it is also very vague for me, not really knowing what I could say to them without making it worse. Not sure, if I express myself clearly…