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As part of my early Buddhist practice I contemplated the Four Reminders that turn the mind towards the Dharma.
This is the way the Tibetan teacher expressed them, for his students in 1974.
Joyful to have
Such a human birth,
Difficult to find,
Free and well- favoured.
But death is real,
Comes without warning.
This body
Will be a corpse.
Are the laws of karma;
Cause and effect
Cannot be escaped.
Is an ocean of suffering,
Unbearably intense.
Last year when I was taking part in the Living Dhamma Course my reflections on Burgs teachings on Ageing, Dying and Death were related to my experiences of being alongside dear family members and close friends as they went through their final weeks and days – and the privilege I felt this to be.
This year my reflections will be even more intimate than that.
Thank you Burgs for all the wisdom that you share.