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Thanks again for this as it is so pertinent for my family right now. My grandma is slipping deep into dementia. As a result she has been physically attacking my aunts and mother with surprising force. They, as working woman have made the very difficult decision to place her in professional care as even with them all helping they cannot provide adequate care without exhausting themselves. My mum spoke to me sadly saying that it seemed all Grandma’s unresolved issues were coming out through her dementia and she apologised to me in advance for when she reaches this stage. After your discourse I was able to reassure her that she need not necessarily have a carbon copy experience. She spoke about wanting to ‘let go’ of all her resentment and fears and it is the closest I have come to feeling I am being asked to help this (very devout Christian lady) to face her internal environment and transform from within. What a gift to be able to share with my mother. Companions on the path of self-transformation.