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I apologise for posting this so late, but I am very grateful for this lesson. This has been the question in my heart with regard to giving back. I am in a giving profession and can often feel drained. Having guidance on finding the way to work our machinery to facilitate working in a more energetically ‘cost effective’ way is really important. The distinction between motivation is so simple, I feel like I’ve always known this and yet we see ‘motivation’ every day online that makes us wonder if we are missing a trick. This has been like reassurance that I am on the right track, and to persist and create more space and skill with connecting to Source. It’s justified, I feel I have permission and encouragement to give time to this in my day to day life and now have more energy without even having had more sleep or ‘rest’ as such! Alchemy it seems, that stokes the fire, not consumption. Many many thanks