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I have been thinking about this idea for a while.. so I am Glad You have covered a discourse on the effects of shifting desires ( or even losing worldly ambitions completely) and the subsequent impact on our vitality.
It’s easy to Always compare ourselves to the next person, for take an example of someone who is completely passionate and motivated by their life goal of making partner at a law firm.. (Which could be an ego drive or to support a family or to prove something to their parents.. Whatever it may be I am not judging this desire’s there because of something that is currently serving the person in their current state of evolutionary growth and they may not want to explore the roots of that one directed passion/desire yet..). And anyway, you’re watching them bursting with energy from this ambition (which makes you feel like maybe you’re going wrong and you doubt yourself and question whether you should just throw yourself into the game it seems easier to follow these worldly types of desires in the rather superficial world we currently find ourselves in .. pretending to care is hard though!) And then there’s you who feels no drive or little drive for such things ..and although understandably a hard feat for the finite human mind, is at a different point in their development/awareness levels (N.B I know people argue that’s it’s a privilege to be able to afford the luxury to think beyond survival.. But I think viewing life this way is missing connecting the dots.. I believe we all have the experiences we need to have for our growth at the time..maybe we’ve lived hundreds of lives mastering surviving in the physical world /learning denser lessons and now we have the opportunity and desire to explore subtler parts of reality and ourselves.. of course we would be foolish to believe society who invariably tell you it’s vanity to look within, but to fully experience that and have gratitude for the fact that we can now have the time and space to practice and spread the stillness to others). So if we find ourselves in this position.. And, sure,we may still need or want to juggle the pressures of the denser energies of earth (such as physical survival) and the ‘struggle’ paradigms we invariably find it difficult to let go of ..we have also moved into a new awareness as humans and are seeing the value in trying to get a vague grip on the truth of reality or at least on one’s own inner truth (as the matrix has served us it’s myriad of experiences in past lives and there is a feeling of pain if one just carries on within it’s web..) and trying to figure out a way the world can become more connected and loving ..but feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of what humans have to overcome and at times feel helpless as there don’t sometimes seem to be enough people (or support) to tip the scales from a world of people locked in delusions or self serving habits to one of service to others.
But I have come to realise the key is to believe we have the power to tip these scales ..all doing our work from a place of love in our own way.. and then we will. The very fact that we are doing this course and have had the fortune of realising our confusion and finding people, like Burgs, to help guide us to a more heart felt experience of reality which is based in unity rather than the current overriding mind based / dualistic experience of reality.
I have been through many periods in my life whereby I have felt fatigue with the world..and even though generally a happy and social person I get to points when I feel drained or have bouts of depression. And as burgs says I believe this arises from a tearing away from the desire of things that I don’t feel pleasure in chasing anymore ..but then there is not the spiritual guidance available in our modern secular society to light the way after this ‘void’ that this ‘lack of material drive’ creates initially. When those around you want things you don’t and the whole of society is basically saying ‘profit is virtue’, it’s easy to feel unworthy from feeling this way and ultimately feel utterly lost.. The world we live in seems to make it so hard to follow your higher self.. But I suppose when the desire for a different approach to life arises in you that is different from the one your Teachers /parents / or society told you to want, you should trust yourself.. And however small the actions we each do Everyday towards a kinder world, each one counts and adds to raising the collective consciousness of the planet.
This article resonated with me:

5 Signs That You’re Outgrowing Yourself

I wondered if there are other effective ways we can grow our strength ..other than meditation and the joy of service to others ..which in my mind includes using personal skills and sharing them to create positive change..
I find nature and being around animals gives me energy. Ideally I would live in the countryside with lots of animals around me.. But I am currently dwelling in Singapore, which I find very energetically ‘dead’ and live in a high rise condo.. So I am struggling to stay connected ..even when doing meditation / yoga / Getting involved in volunteering out here, etc.. The energy here is so unbelievably consumer driven and so many people are ‘asleep’ .. I find it has a soporific effect on seems to drag your consciousness down (although in true yin/Yang style the lack of depth here has caused ironically many spiritual epiphanies and put me in the path of a few insightful Teachers.. I suppose at times of darkness it’s easier to notice the light). But I do seem to spend a lot of energy fighting this strong tide of hedonism and spiritual forgetfulness which seems to permeate amongst expats..
Do you have any advice ? How important are your surroundings? Do you have to be very well protected and spiritually advanced as well as grounded to overcome the negative effects of living in urban / energetically quite negative environments? Or is this a mind over matter thing? Or a resonance thing ..whereby it is important to move to a place suited to your unique energy pattern? Or is the answer simply that synthetic environments don’t encourage humans to energetically flourish?.. And should we endeavour to try to live in nature if our lifestyle can permit it and also spend More time with people who are on the same path as you /or support your spiritual growth? How important is it to edit your life to remain authentic to yourself ? I have personally found that being too social, especially in the urban ‘work hard, play hard’ settings, you become less authentic, as you can enter the traps of social conformity and conditioning …and you forget yourself..
Quite a stream of consciousness there! Looks very much like my mind is trying to figure out the way back to the heart ! I know this will be something that will organically grow from myself if I keep making small changes Everyday towards connecting to people and positive ideas and try to loosen the hold that the world has on our egos bit by bit!