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Dear all,
Following the evening meditation I decided to do a Tarot Read in the Spirit of enquiry into how we can best serve Mother Earth’s needs. I realise everyone may not be into this sort of practice, but the read was so encouraging and in line with our intentions on the GBGP that I want to share it here.

Read for Gaia – Sacred Earth Day

Gaian Tarot Deck.
If we ask the Earth “How can we serve your needs?” We can expect a strong and clear response! I took this reading following a meditation session focused on sending thanks and healing Mother Earth.

Gaia Needs – What does Gaia need from me at this time?
Four of Air
She calls on us to make space in our lives for prayer, rest and meditation. In this way we can take time to contemplate how we can best hold her Sacred in the way much of humanity has forgotten. If we nurture ourselves in this way, she has every hope that we will accord her the same respect. She is asking us to have ears to listen in the silence and hands to put into action those things that will make this Earth and society a much better and more balanced place to exist.

How can we offer this to her?
Three of Earth
Gaia asks us to gather together in community to build lasting changes and projects that will benefit both us and all beings. Teamwork and cooperation bring us back to the Oneness out of which we arose. The joy we take in each other’s company flavours the medicine we create in community.

What do we need from Gaia at this time?
Three of Fire
She wishes to bless us with passion, boldness and creativity. This will make us a shining light in his world to guide others towards their higher purpose, a more sustainable and Spirit-filled way of living.

How can we receive this from her?
Child of Water
We must allow ourselves to dream differently. Rather than worrying that our hope for a change in the world being a groundless fantasy, Gaia encourages us to expand that imagining to conceive the highest possible scenario. Harmony between humankind, and between humankind and nature. All beings free and provided for. Open our hearts to the vision and we will sudden be able to see the steps and actions to take to make even the smallest of changes to our own and each other’s lives which accumulate and gain momentum. May our hearts be filled with love. May we be happy and free and contribute daily to the happiness and freedom of others.

We may note that all four elements appear in this reading. The path that the reading takes through the Four Directions is North (air), West (earth), Fire (east), South (water). It may be merely poetic licence that I see this as the shape of a lightning bolt. In this way I see this reading as an echo of the Paradigm Shift we are all longing for and intending to catalyse. Also a reflection of Spiritual power connecting with Earth as the lightning bolt earths itself. It is for us to ground ourselves and provide conduit for that power in the world.

Sending gratitude and blessings to you all!

Much love