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I would like to share a beautiful experience given after the meditation and prayer between 7 and 8pm. Once I finished sending prayers, thanks and healing to the Earth (as well as a request for guidance on the best way to serve her needs), I opened my eyes and the sunlight on the wall in front of me was shimmering strangely. I looked out of the window and saw that the sun had descended behind a tree whose leaves were swaying in the wind. It was beautiful. I moved closer to the window to take a video of the sight at which moment it began to rain. It was as though Gaia was saying ‘I hear your prayers!’ As I was gazing at this my son ran into the room and told me that on the other side of the house was a double rainbow. I followed him and saw that most glorious sight, the full half hoop of th inner rainbow sweeping up over the trees and houses. I explained to my son that this was a wonderful sign to see as I had been thanking the Earth for everything she provides us with (‘like food!’ He said) and then he said ‘Well this is the ‘You’re welcome!” I felt strongly in the meditation that we are to be channels of healing energy from above to the Earth. I pray that we can be this by both practical and subtle means. So blessed!