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Daniela it’s lovely to read of your adventures with food boxes. I recently was frustrated as I wanted to buy all food from local farms for the best quality, lowest packaging and zero air miles. The farms are here but I don’t have time to visit 3 different farms every week to cover our needs, not to mention the extra petrol consumption! Then a friend recommended a local box delivery based in my local area! I had my first boxes delivered this week and they were delicious and excellent quality. I feel a great sense of relief this week that my general rubbish was almost non-existent. I think if we keep asking for this sort of service, new providers will keep popping up to help, in the most efficient way possible. There is hope! Also, in addition to charity shops, H&M now offer a textiles recycling service. For each bag you bring them, they will give you a £5 voucher. As they are one of the most ethical brands on the high street, I find my growing son’s needs are met here when I absolutely have no choice but to buy new.