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I have been watching and reducing my consumption in the last few weeks and I think its so much easier to reduce the amount I consume on an individual basis but if I still had my children living with me I would find it a lot more challenging, food and the type of food eaten, transport, clothes, stuff! It is also difficult if you are amongst a community that isn’t thinking this way. So I have great respect for any families embarking on this, it would be good to hear how they are approaching the whole concept, particularly those with teenagers! I have a book called Energy which I want to ready to grasp the concept of saving energy but also looking at how I can put some back, for example the feed in tarif for solar for starters……
for anyone interested
Finally, I wanted to say how deeply I felt the discourse on Happiness this week, its a wonderful description of the transformation that occurs when we breathe out. Thank you Burgs.