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I have always felt a strong connection to nature and often wondered how people could spend so much money on doing their hair, buying makeup, clothes, perfume, accessories but taking no care about what they were putting inside their bodies!!! When and where I was growing up pretty much everything was raw, unpasteurised, unadulterated and with little pesticides. Then capitalism came with its defrauding of people by selling them pesticide, antibiotics and hormone laden fake food, fake juice, and also fake medicine. And people paying their hard earned money for all this fake everything. About 10 years ago I started changing to organic food slowly – it does not have to be expensive if you buy from a farm. I was looking for options at that time and I found Riverford Organic Farm – for an acceptable amount of money they would deliver weekly for free a box of vegetables to my door! Back then there were not as many choices as now – and it was nothing fancy, but it was real, seasonal food grown by people who understood that taking care of nature meant nurturing our own future. How much does it cost? Right now it’s £13.45 for a medium veg box that feeds 2-3 people for a week. What do you get in a box like this? Potatoes, onions, carrots, turnips, Courgettes, Summer greens, Mixed salad leaves , Vine tomatoes etc. Of course you need other things to make the meals, but then you can add what you want either from the farm or the supermarket based on your budget. But even if part of your food is organic, that makes a difference.