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I have always tried to find a meaningful way of helping. How can something small influence a lot of people, or how can it have a long reach time wise? It has come to me in the end that education is the most powerful force of all, and children are the most important beings/resources/hope. I hope in a few years time to be able to have the money and time to buy many interesting, educational books and go to small villages in the countryside in my country of birth (Romania) and donate these books to local libraries or directly to families. There is a lot of corruption in the poverty volunteering/helping system and when I suggested donating money to a charity to do this I was told quite bluntly that the money would be pocketed by various people down the ‘feeding’ chain and probably someone would ‘sell’ their own worthless books as educational books to give to these children. So I started to think of a different way of maybe starting a dream, an aspiration in some young minds in which imagination has to been fired up yet.This is one way of giving back that would make me happy, knowing I can make children happy. I hope this can happen in the near future…