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I have been really struggling lately to simplify my days and still do everything that needs to be done! I do seem to be in a cycle of eventually getting to that point of overload. It’s a bit of a family trait it seems! I very much want to be giving as much as I can and as a mother, teacher and therapist my life is really geared to that. I decided to start watching my breath again during meditation and noticed that my out breath continued to the point that my chest was sore, often with a long pause before inhaling! So throughout my days, I have been reminding myself to inhale and I have to say I have been surprised at how much better I feel. I’ve sorted areas of my home that have been congested for a while and spent time teaching my son about where food comes from and how to prepare it. I also took a couple of days off work, ha ha so that helped too 🙂 but it seems that the magical balance can be literally only a breath away! I suppose the important thing is to be mindful of the ebb and flow? Reflecting on Thursa’s account tugs on my heart strings also, my mother is in the process of taking care of her own mother. I very much want to be in a position to do the same for my parents. This is part of what drives me to work so hard. I want them to have the opportunity to rest on my love and hospitality rather than the other way around! As a single mother this can be tricky. My focus at the moment is and should be on my son but I don’t want to forget the natural progression of life. All I can do is be of as few needs as possible so that when changes are necessary it is easy to make them. Everything is always changing after all! I’ll keep taking some in-breaths…