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This is a very significant question to be raising. The Buddha also said. ” we will never pay the debt of gratitude to our parents.” One of the weightiest unwholesome karma is to abandon or to fail to support where we can our parents or children. even if there is disagreement there is still a duty and responsibility.
Of course the question remains about the unreasonable sustaining of the life span due to intervention. But life itself is sacred and to fail to support our family members when they are still capable of living a meaningful like is an enormously selfish thing. I wonder how this ladies daughter would feel in here dotage if she was abandoned to fend for herself by all around her. The karma of being abandoned in youth or old age is almost always the result of having abandoned others. The daughter even says herself that the old lady did not care for her own mother. This will party account for why her own children are begrudging in their support for her. But at least the son has stood up and taken her into his home. Perhaps if you have the opportunity you might account the story of the Buddhas dialogue with ananda on the occasion when they walked past a graveyard.
Ananda asked the Buddha. ” Please explain why one pile of bones over there is white and the other is grey. ” To which the Buddha replied. ” Those white bones ananda, are the bones of all your fathers, the great ones are the bones of your mothers. They are grey because she gave so much of herself going life toy and nourishing you with her milk in your infancy. Truly Ananda, no being can ever fully repay the debt of gratitude to their mother.”