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Hi everyone. I do understand that these lessons are challenging. I am sharing them with you all because in many ways we are trying to be the standard bearers for a new and more sustainable approach to life. Before we look to bring positive suggestions for change to a wider audience it is important to investigate the challenges that even we who are open and receptive to the idea of change face when pursuing a new vision for our relationship to our planet and to life more widely.

It may well be that we come to the conclusion that we find it very challenging. Our exercise is to see how far we are willing to investigate and dig in the search for meaningful solutions and initiatives. Remember we are in effect using our reflections and investigations over the course of the year to help us find the appropriate steps to be encouraging others ( not just ourselves ) to take. And so for this purpose, it is important to recognise where we feel inspired, where motivated and where we feel it is all too much and too difficult. What I most advocate are gradual steps in line with where each of us are individually at. So we can see how far these steps might take us. It is true that far reaching change and significant simplification of our lives seems to be what is really being pointed at from every direction. Our challenge is to not be dismayed by this but to look deeply within ourselves to find the grounds for the idea of simplification and lighter footsteps to actually become a relief and a blessing. This is in essence of what I am trying to point at with the discourse on the long out breath. I am hoping that it may in time be seen as a wholly positive position to take.
And so it was very illuminating and informative to hear the feedback from the recent gathering in London. I think we all acknowledge that we face challenges on the road ahead. As I have always said, let us see if we can take these challenges and use them as the driving force for positive action.

I do feel that gathering together to share and provide mutual support is key to all of this.
I invite all or any of you to put forth suggestions for gatherings that we might consider organising in the coming months. Lets make it fun too. There is talk of a mini festival in Staffordshire in mid July. as well as a party how about we have a gathering for a day before hand to share and exchange. Lets hear your thought’s on this. Much love to all….