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I find that sense of connection is unpredictable, and there is not much that reliably brings it about. It can be really random. Like the first time I felt, as an adult, unconditional love was shortly after my first retreat. I was looking at a moth, and a feeling of love for that moth washed over me. I also find that ‘messy’ compassion is a common provider of a sense of oneness – when I see the havoc we are wreaking it leaves me weeping at times and I must conclude that it is because at some level I know that I am deeply connected to that which is being destroyed.

As has been mentioned, listening to great music (Michael Jackson hits the spot for me, a soaring other worldly genius in my humble opinion). Watching and playing sport has me feeling completely present and thus connected. Great feel good movies like Good Will Hunting. Doing service at 12 Step meetings is a privilege and makes me feel a part of something And retreats with Burgs have given me a glimpse of something deeper still. 12 Step service and Burgs’ retreats in particular give me moments when the sense of connection brings about a tangible difference to the sense of perception; a greater texture and depth is revealed. Alas such moments are fleeting….

I would go back to what I first said though. It can be anything at all that causes that feeling to arise, and equally (and sadly far more commonly) it can be anything that makes me feel hostile towards and separate from the world around me.