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Hi all,
Being also these weeks in the continuity of the last lessons, i was some moments with the question you have asked Burgs ‘‘Investigate also the Relationship between the ‘Wisdom that knows Oneness’ and the ‘Compassion that seeks the cessation of suffering in others.’’ to say i’m not very sure of the way to express but i’m going to try. It was in the experience i have as if there is a step between feeling the connexion of oneness and feeling the compassion. It’s as if, in certain situations, to feel this compassion i need to have even more an open heart than feeling oneness. In general life turning towards more compassion can be a lighthouse for the boat in which i am ; but i see that in very specifical situations, for example the situations of gratuitous and serious violence against persons, it’s hard for me to feel compassion (especially when I see the victims and hear the testimonies). It’s not that i whish bad things for these persons, i can evenutually tend to oneness connecting to the fact that even if i don’t see it, i don’t experiment it, everything is perfect in this life ; so as immerse all together in human beings we are all a part of this perfection, even this person that i could judge about his violence. But one step more, stop to blame for some acts that are for example crimes etc. is very difficult. I see that for a part in me to let go that it’s as if i would aproove these attitudes.
But in another hand i see that feeling this aversion is destructive for me first, and moreother doesn’t participate in my wish to be more benefic for others and give back. Also it would be necessary for these situations in particular that i could more forgive. I tryed to be with that trying to connect to loving kindness but i really can see a big limitation in my capacacity to forgiven for some specific contexts. In one side to make this observation could make me feel a little sad, in another side i entrust, and in my prayers I ask for help to be able to more forgive.
And just to finish Burgs’words in his discours “The Boundless power of Love” that I find so so inspiring and beautiful: « It’s just love and not knowing it, and that’s all you see everywhere».
Many thanks for everything