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So many inspiring posts….lot of them bring a feeling of oneness I have experienced before and forgotten about….thank you
Lately I have been feeling it when singing, anything, really, just hearing the voice hit the right notes on a day when the voice is easy and open…such pleasure…leaves me feeling warm and elated for a long time after…..
Also swimming….we live near a warm sea in Mauritius, so just going down in this warm, clear water, sun patterns dancing on the sand below and I almost touch the sand with my chest as I swim just with my legs like a big fish….so calm and quiet down there…..wish my lungs were bigger :):).. I always say that if I get reincarnated as a fish…or better a sea mammal I will be quite happy… the softness, smoothness and the quiet of the deep water…..
Though by the way, that was a bit shattered by my daughter telling me that there are some findings that the oceans are becoming very noisy due to all the traffic and a lot of (I think mostly) whales are suffering from some of the frequencies of man made noise….there is some speculation that the beaching of the whales may be a result of that… Found that very sad….