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Emma Davie

Thanks for these inspiring posts ! I was at my sister’s last weekend in the countryside- and as drove away felt so much love for my creaky family- lots of kids, new baby, auntie with leg amputated- so much heart . As I drove I passed a man and his dog and felt the love he had for his dog- and the love the dog had for the fresh air. And the energy the trees have for growing up into the light at this time of year and my car wheels began feeling like Tibetan prayer wheels- sending love to all beings as the car sped up the road. Other drivers became human beings – not imprisoned by the technology and separation of being in cars. Think this is something I was to work on- seeing the fragile humanity behind the techno world . I try to do a daily practice of eating breakfast in silence and seeing how what I’m eating connects me to those who produced it, the earth, the rain, the sun – it’s wonderful when I remember to stop the whirring thoughts about the day ahead and just be with the porridge! Thanks for the inspiring teaching Burgs and fellow GBGers…