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I am finding the course amazing – thank you. One benefit is that because I have the Paramis in mind – especially the one we are working on at the time I have become much more mindful in my everyday life rather than just operating on auto-pilot. Also my meditation is going better.
I am particularly finding the subject of karma fascinating but so far it is geared to us incredibly fortunate beings who are able to make choices and as you have said have these teachings available on our doorstep. The whole thing about the difference between mental and physical karma struck a chord with me – I am afraid that in the past I have found it is much easier to do kind things than think them!! But with this course I am getting as much pleasure from thinking kind thoughts as I do from kind actions, so thank you for that. But I still question – am I spreading kindness to make my next life even better or just for the pleasure it brings now – to me as well as the recipient.