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There is one moment in my life I can go straight to and remember how it felt to be one with it all, peaceful and joyful at the same time. Lying in the grass as a child, the ripe sun of a hot, dry summer in Eastern Europe filling every part of my being with heat and joy, the sun rays on my face, the sun shining in my heart and radiating into every part of my being. Golden light outside and inside. It seemed very quiet, all sounds dampened. The warm earth underneath, the smell of grass all around me. Feeling very light at the same time. I felt as if I filled the entire Universe, and at the same time the whole Universe was in me. I miss feeling that. I’ve never managed to feel the same way, I’ve had a few moments reminding me of that time when out enjoying nature, especially when I can feel the heat of the sun, but not exactly the same. Maybe I am looking for the wrong thing but I can feel my heart opening and my breathing changing when thinking of that time.