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The Carlos Casteneda series – his books are a bit retro now… but certainly worth a read. They found me in London during the nineties with more time than I knew what to do with. They spoke of another way to act in the world and to see the world, that fostered personal power. Exercises were given to this rather cumbersome sorcerer apprentice in attempts to undo his limiting learned habits and beliefs. It followed Carlos Casteneda through (8 books?) during his apprenticeship with Don Juan Matus on his journey to becoming a man of knowledge. He was a UCLA student studying anthropology and was initially interested in the plants of the Yaqui Indians, which led him to met Don Juan. These books highlight how mysterious this world we are living in really is. Some speculate about whether Don Juan Matus was real or not – I could not say for sure – but I am certain they lit a fire in my imagination.

The Basic Space of Phenomena by Lengchen Rabjam…. a magical book dripping with divine nectar distilled from the supreme spaciousness inherent and behind all phenomenon.

Alan Watts discourses – most of them are on You Tube… again, they highlight what a mystery it is to be alive.