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Gail Minter

Thank you to everyone for all the inspiring suggestions. The Great Bell I particularly enjoyed and Nimo Patel.
There have been a couple of occasions where I experienced a sense of no self and oneness very clearly. Once was on retreat with Thich Nhat Hahn where there was just being breathed. The other occasion was on a Tai Chi weekend where there was just movement – I was not directing it. Unfortunately on both occasions my mind cut in all too soon with “what’s going on?!” and there I was again. I increasingly enjoy just feeling the stillness around me – in nature, relaxing quietly and in that, feeling the resonances with the river, the birds singing, with music, with movement. I take a lot of delight in nature – the lambs springing, the birds on the lawn, the squirrels bouncing, the beauty of flowers – bluebells in woods at the moment. Being touched by people’s experiences whether they are friends or family or on the radio connects me to our humanity in all its shapes and forms. Thank you world and all who live in it.