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I have a few things that work for me to bring me back into line and connect me:

Full submersion in sea, lake or river. This is one of the most effective methods I have found for re-fragging myself. I find I don’t need to stay in long, especially if it is really cold, but head under is a great way to get me straight into my body and out of my mind.

Early morning walks. When there is no-one about and the day is really young, I find this is a time of real connection. Especially at this time of year when it is light and sunny, there is something really golden about this space.

After work run/walk. With the good weather, I have found going out almost immediately after getting back from work is a good way to ditch the shenanigans of the day and create a bit more spaciousness.

Doing something for someone else. One of the main things that works for me, no matter what state of disconnection I find myself in, is to do something for someone. Sending a home-made card or writing a letter, making a cake, cooking someone a meal and delivering it without staying…I find I don’t even really need to see the person or stay with them for very long. It is as much about the preparation and thought that can lift me back into a state of connectedness.

Singing. It doesn’t matter if there is no tune or words, I find making any kind of purposeful sound is a good way to open my heart. Sometimes I connect with different parts of my body and see which sound is sent from there. (Ps can be done with friends too when conversation seems a bit overrated!)