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These are just a few things that I have been doing over the past weeks to shift to a more conscious use of resources:

Eating everything and throwing away as close to nothing as possible. I read an article about food waste in the National Geographic a couple of months ago. Understanding that ‘About a third of the planet’s food goes to waste,’ and ‘agriculture already represents one of the greatest threats to planetary health’ amongst other parts of the article really prompted me to look at my waste footprint. Throwing out food goes against my moral grain however even with that I can honestly say, without real attention, I had been throwing out past it left overs on occasion. So I have been making the small changes necessary to use food much more carefully and respectfully.

Eating and sourcing food locally. I am trying to buy fruit and vegetables from the UK only. By reading the country of origin on all the packets, I no longer turn a blind eye to how far that item that ‘I really want’ has been flown just to feed me. This does mean I don’t buy many things that have been staples in my diet but I am exploring what it feels like to go without. If items are reduced/about to be thrown away I do take those. I am seeing this as a weekly challenge rather that an austere clamp down: through that lens, it is actually quite an enjoyable challenge.

Fish and chicken as medicine only (as Burgs mentioned already). I have been working on this principle for a while and it really serves my body and my decision to eat mainly a vegetarian diet as a response to using fewer farming resources.

Keeping a thermal mug in the cupboard/car. In order to stop accepting disposable mugs, I have started keeping a thermal mug to hand. I did buy a tea the other day though and the lady used the disposable mug to measure it and then put it in my thermal mug. Even with the best intention sometimes it still doesn’t work!

Walking/running/cycling as much as possible. I live rurally so reducing my car use is more of a challenge in certain circumstances. However, where possible I have tried to go whole days without using it and have patched in extra exercise. I take this challenge on a daily basis and see what I can do bit by bit.