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christie Butterick

Hi everyone .. Re give-back, few days ago I had 3 small incidences happen in short space of time: 1st was at shop check out when the assistant held the queue up while she drew my attention to a £5 voucher I Cd have and took the time and patience to give this to me while holding other folk up, very kind of her .. 2nd was a tap on my shoulder while in another queue to come to the front of a new line as it wd be quicker for me .. 3rd was a chap sat down on my table (I was having a cuppa),and he started telling me what was happening in his life; going from a house to a flat etc, he painted a full and active life for his mature years and appeared to be happy but what came across was loneliness .. I left him with a handshake and good luck for the future, and liked to think I gave him an ear and some time. So, I had some kindness given to me and back out again, small but it resonated for the rest of the day.
This Saturday I am organising and making an open invitation for an outting to a local island, leading some Taiji there with no charge involved, just to go and have an experience in nature, weather permitting.
Also have planned a workshop in July where again there will be an open invitation to come along, share, join in, have a cup of tea etc and a percentage of this will go to some local charities. This feels good to do at this time and I have not done this before but feel it is the right time to give something more back, and everyone will get something from the experience, or at least that is the intention …
Lastly large blue skies, looking out across water can bring ‘oneness’ to me as well as music .. The latest being on the radio, ‘the sound of silence’ by Disturbed ! Don’t know them but the pitch and tones in his voice touch the spot.
Looking forward to reading the other 99 of our group ..