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Renate Frech

hello everyone,
I am a subscriber of ‘’ an amazing initiative, and last week I came across this song: ‘Being kind’, by the rapper activist ‘Nimo’ Patel, who did it at the Gandhi Ashram in India. I listened to the song I think six times in a row after I heard it first, and each time I felt my heart opening, connected and a warmth and love throughout my body and sending out to the world. I realized I was sitting after a difficult day with a happy smile and felt ‘one’. Here is the link:

I also want to share, that I am one of those who fell a bit behind in the course – I was looking forward and also a bit ‘tense’ opening the Lesson 7 mail, as I knew, I am still in the previous two – and then so released to know that I am sharing this with others and am not the only one – and was immediately again fully inspired and all ‘tension, feeling bad of having fallen behind’ was gone. Thank you!